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        1. 葡京彩票-葡京彩票网站

          TC45 MEETING
          TC45 MEETING

          The 66th Meeting of the ISO/TC 45 Rubber and Rubber Products

                                       29 October — 2 November 2018 · Hangzhou, China 
          The 66th meeting of ISO/TC 45 from 29th October 2018 to 2nd November 2018 will be held in Hangzhou, China. The meetings will be hosted by Standardization administration of China (SAC), the national member body of ISO, and will be organized by Shenyang Rubber Research and Design Institute Co Ltd of ChemChina and Hangzhou Bureau of Quality and Technology Supervision.


          HOSTED BY

          Standardization administration of China (SAC)

          ORGANIZED BY                                                   


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